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Top 3 Designing Tools That Will Help You Work Smarter in 2021

Top 3 Designing Tools

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Every company in Software technology knows about user experience design and User interface design. Every single product, wherever it is used, is designed with only one objective and User Experience However, to achieve an excellent UX design, every UX/UI designer, Product designer, and UX architect must be aware of different types of UX design tools, which will help them deliver an outstanding design. These design tools will streamline your workflow and boost creativity.

To achieve an awesome user experience, easy to use, user-friendly, which will result in absolute customer satisfaction, it is essential to have a smooth designing process. This can be achieved by using the UX designing tools available in the market.

With a lot of focus showed by companies on UX design, there are many tools available in the market for UX designers. However, among these all, some top five tools had continued to generate top-class user experience.

Top 3 user experience designing tools and its features

  1. Sketch: Prototyping, UX Design UI, Design
  2. AdobeXD: Micro Interaction, Prototyping, UX Design
  3. Figma: Prototyping, UX Design, Collaboration, UI Design

Sketch : 

 A sketch is a design tool for mac vector-based and focuses on user interface design. It’s easy to pick up and costs a fraction of the price of photoshop. Because of its simplicity, anyone with little to no training can learn Sketch. On top, it is perfect for today’s need for designing for multiple devices like mobile, web, tablet, smartwatches.

The Sketch is Developed by a Dutch company named Bohemian and released in the year 2010 and won the Apple design award in the year 2012. The Sketch is the ultimate tool for iOS, Android, and web design. Its weight is 45MB in disk space as compared to photoshop it’s 2.16 GB. Its remarkable features are used for wireframing, Prototyping, and to design an excellent user interface, but the saddest part is it is designed only for use on MAC Operating systems.

It costs around $99 for a year and an optional renewal of $79 per year for individuals.

For Teams, it’s $9 per contributor seat, monthly or $99 billed yearly.

Big Companies like Apple and Facebook often release their UI kits Sketch first.

Design Systems + Sketch — How to start preparing UI Components Library| Design + Sketch
Sketch View

Adobe XD :

If you are new to the UI/UX designing world, Adobe Xd is one of the most popular design tools to use, designed by Adobe Inc back in the year 2016. It was previously known as “project comet” and was launched on mac with a minimal amount of features. updates after updates adding more features based on the feedback received by its growing user base.

Adobe then released its beta version for mac os, windows 10, iOS, and Android. To offer an excellent user experience (UX), Adobe XD supports Vector Designing. Besides, Adobe XD also supports website wireframing, which is a process to develop a mock website before the actual website.

It is used for wireframing, Micro interaction, and Prototyping. It also has several plugins available in the market. Being one of the most well-founded UX design applications tool used to build a variety of prototypes, Adobe XD is simple to use, and it is free to install. For professionals and small teams, $9.99 a month.

Designing an app with a UI resource or UI kit | Adobe XD
Adobe XD View

Figma : 

Figma is an interface design application that runs in the browser, but it’s much more than that. I want to say it’s probably the best application for team-based collaborative design projects. Figma is a new tool with features almost similar to Sketch. Figma is the latest entrant into UI design tools that quickly support a UX /UI designer in composing and designing interfaces. As it is a cloud-based tool, it helps multiple users to work simultaneously on a project. We all have seen how Google Docs works. Figma offers similar features. If a team of UX designers is involved in a particular project, they can now collectively view and edit files, as it is done in Google Docs. Figma supports Prototyping, UX Design, Collaboration, and UI Design.

Figma runs on all operating platform that runs on a web browser. Basically, it can work on Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Figma offers a free plan for starters and two separate subscription plans. The yearly professional plan is priced at $ 12 per editor/month, while as an organization, Figma is availed at $ 45 per editor/month.

Preview designs and prototypes in Presentation View – Figma
Figma View

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