What is Digital Health?

We don’t have the necessary framework from any top organization to clearly define digital health factors. In simple words, we can say Digital Health is  Using Technology and Tools to improve healthcare delivery. It’s not limited to helping healthcare providers in day today’s activities. It can do wonders using predictive analysis & pattern detection to detect diseases early and save millions of lives thanks to data science. 

Covid- 19 fast forward digital health in 3-4 months of the span, which could have been 3-5 years to reach. Consumers are ready to accept digital transformation in healthcare. Now it’s acceptable practice to use Telemedicine to take online consultation,  ePrescribing, Remote Patient Monitoring and many more such technology products to make healthcare effective. Many small & large companies are stepping in to innovate healthcare delivery. Some of them are Google, Apple, Amazon, GE Healthcare, Siemens, Medtronic and Philips.

Checkout below “The Digital Health 150” is CB Insights’ annual ranking of the 150 most promising digital health startups in the world.


Impact Of Digital Health?

Covid-19 forced everyone to use digital products for healthcare Services. 50%-70% population in urban cities book appointments online and take online consultations in most cases. Thanks to the pharma supply chain, it’s been the most common practice for everyone to order medicine online. Labs and radiology also came to the party by providing a facility for taking samples at home and providing online reporting systems. 

With more innovations in medical apps and wearable devices that help individuals calculate calories burned and consume. These devices and apps motivate one to get off the sofa and walk or exercise for a few hours and burn calories. These small little steps from individuals give long-term health benefits. Some smart innovations allow one to take pictures and calculate the nutritional value of the given food. With the help of health, Remote patient monitoring and wearable devices allow us to monitor each aspect of health like weight, exercise, blood pressure, water level and other health parameters to help us control our health balance. 

What Are Digital Health Solutions?

There are many healthcare solutions developed by many companies. Please check below the list of famous ones.

Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine is defined as electronic media and software to deliver healthcare services over the internet without being physically present in front of healthcare providers. it become very famous as it’s been used as an alternative tool to treat patients without being exposed to covid-19.

Practice Management Solution

Every healthcare provider aims to run his practice effectively. Practice management software helps providers deliver care effectively. PMS’s important components are Appointment booking, patient management, Billing and Claims Processing & Reporting.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Aging society and increasing the number of chronic diseases require more cooperation between patients and healthcare providers. With remote patient monitoring, one can monitor all activities and health parameters using software and provide necessary care over the internet without physically checking all times. 

ePrescribing & OnDemand Pharma Delivery Solution

E-prescribing allows healthcare providers to prescribe electronically to patients and send patients prescriptions over the internet. Patients will be able to receive medicines at doorsteps without being visited at a pharmacy. 

EHR Integration Solution

There are multiple EHR in the market and all telemedicine software or healthcare software can’t integrate with all of them. That is where EHR integration solutions come into the picture. EHR integration solution integrates with most of the EHR available in the market. 

Digital Health Future?

Technology has changed healthcare like never before; connecting all healthcare entities, sharing data between platforms, tracking data using wearable devices and increasing personal healthcare apps have played an important role in improving healthcare delivery. Due to covid-19, it’s in more demand to build or innovate more technology solutions to step forward healthcare and humanity. 

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